CRE-sources provides a unified, localized source for office, flex, industrial and retail news as well as a variety of digital-media marketing options.
The site offers two advertisement options that feature your image or graphic with a live link to whatever destination you choose.

•     Our Featured Banner Ad is included at the top of our home page.  It measures a HUGE 960 X 320 pixels and includes a dedicated page on the site to feature additional content. As a Featured Banner Advertiser, we will also include a Thumbnail Ad in the right sidebar of the site. The Thumbnail will also accompany CRE-sources social media news posts on a rotating basis.  The cost is $500 per month. We allow a maximum of 6 Featured Banners at any time.

•     You can also include a Thumbnail Ad along the right sidebar of the site.  It measures 125 X 125 pixels.  The cost is $250 per month. Cost includes ad design.


Call us at 954.290.3866 or email Debbie Colangelo at to take advantage of this highly-targeted opportunity!

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