Got Your QR Code Reader?

The 3Q10 print edition of CRE-sources is out, featuring QR Code Technology
What is QR Code Technology?  As you turn the pages in the print edition, you’ll notice some funky-looking squares (similar to the one at the left) in certain property listings and ads.  Those funky-looking squares are what we call QR or Quick Response Codes. 
QR Codes are a type of barcode that store information.  The QR Codes in CRE-sources print editions contain URLs.  Users with a camera-equipped smartphone with a 2-D barcode scanner application can scan the QR Code to open the associated web page right in their phone’s browser!  How cool is that? 
All 1/4 page property ads and 1/2 page Service Provider Directory ads include QR Codes at no additional cost.  You can also purchase QR Coded listings in the print edition for only $25! 
More, QR Codes are trackable.  They record exactly how many scans your QR Code receives!
If you don’t have a QR Code Reader on your smartphone yet, click here for some suggested apps for your specific phone:



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